Verdrahtete Gesundheit 2018: Alte Technologie, neue Ideen

This week we attended the Wired Health Conference in London. As always, the event was full of innovators eager to position themselves in the race for a better and healthier future.

Wired Health conference

This year’s Wired Health Conference was as informative and insightful as ever.

Wired Health takes place annually in London, United Kingdom. It has a wide range of speakers from around the world of medical technology as well as forward-looking companies sharing their latest offerings.


This year has been more diverse than ever, with presentations on how technology can intervene in areas as diverse as HIV, grief, and cardiovascular surgery.

Most of the time I spent on the EY WIRED Health Access Stage , where every year a presentation of start-up companies was presented.

The overarching theme this year was consolidation for me. I noticed that I was less focused on new technologies , and more focused on making more efficient use of the latest innovations.

Rather than developing solutions from the ground up, it seems more about using the hard won inventions of the recent past.

We have the data – what now?

Pamela Spence, Global Life Science Leader at EY, reminded us early on that we are in the fourth industrial revolution. And the key to this beautiful new dawn is the four-letter word that promises so much: data.

Big data